Bus Driver Hears Crying Noises Coming From Bus Wheel, Then Mechanic Investigates And Finds Cat


If you have ever been lucky enough to be owned by a cat, you know that they are incredibly resourceful, independent, and determined. When a cat decides to do something, they are going to do it no matter what. Just try and stop them!

I imagine this feline resiliency is how a now famous kitten, nicknamed Axie, survived a 350-mile ride in the wheel arch of a tourist bus in the UK. Did I mention that cats and kittens also really like teeny-tiny spaces?

The 4-month-old orange and white kitten probably got trapped in the wheel in Devon, England. He was discovered four days later in the Lake District, after a nationwide ride that took him between Lands’ End, London, Windsor, and Birmingham, before ending up in Cumbria.

Watch this video, as little Axie is removed from the wheel and placed gently in a cardboard box. He looks pretty good for having traveled so far!

Amazingly, the lucky little kitty seems to be doing just fine. He is currently being cared for at the Oakhill veterinary group in Windermere while they try to locate his owner.

Hopefully, his owners are found — or, if not, a new family steps up to adopt him. No more traveling or hitchhiking on buses, Axie!

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