Airman Comes Home After 6 Months Away, Then Camera Catches His Dog’s Reaction When He Sees Him


For many dog owners, nothing is more authentic than a pup’s unwavering and unconditional love for his owner. Dogs are not afraid to show their affection for the humans who rescue them, give them a home, love, and comfort.

But sometimes, we have to tear ourselves away from our pets, whether it’s to go abroad, or even because we don’t have the funds to care for them.

Soldiers in active duty are often deployed overseas for long periods of time, and therefore must be away from friends and family. When 28-year-old Elijah came back home to Ohio after a six-month deployment, his loved ones were surely relieved to see him home, safe and sound.

But nobody was perhaps more excited to see him than his beloved pup.

The dog’s adorable reaction was caught on camera: as soon as the U.S. Air Force airman walked through the door, the dog runs excitedly around the room wagging his tail and jumping around. It takes him a few seconds before getting in his owner’s arms and giving him all the hugs and kisses he deserves!

Now watch the clip to see this beautiful reunion.

Has your pup ever done this upon seeing you for the first time in a long time? Let us know in the comments!

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