Alaskan man feeds a flock of bald eagles – now watch closely when the camera pans left


Ever heard of the bald eagles? Bald eagles are very rare, and getting to even see one is quite an effort. However, you can go watch them at the zoos. Beyond that, landing a nice chance to interact with these birds in their natural habitat isn’t so promising. But to this one guy, it’s just as normal as a chilly day in Alaska!

This Alaskan, Jesse Peek, is a fisherman, and that’s maybe one good reason why he gets so many chances to see and interact with the bald eagles in his surroundings. To make things even more interesting, Jesse not only gets a chance to watch the birds, but also to feed them!

Watch as this smart fisherman gets to woo the birds into getting so close to him at the harbor. From what you can see, these birds like this guy for his generosity, and they don’t seem to fear him. This is quite a sight!

You might want to check out the clip right now and watch it to the end and get to see the kind of relationship this guy enjoys with this feathery population. It’s just so heartwarming you’ll want your friends to see it too.

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