At first glance they look like typical young parents. But taking a closer look, you might be surprised.


In Ecuador, a very special family recently came into being. They’re special because Fernando Machado and Diane Rodriguez are not your typical parents.

In this family, the father Fernando is actually the biological mother and Diane Rodriguez is the biological father. That is to say, they are both transgender.


Fernando was born with female genitalia and was named Maria. With Diane, it was the other way around; she had male genitalia and was raised as a boy. But fast forward to the present day and both live happily as the gender that feels natural to them.

Since neither needed an operation to assume the gender identity they felt most comfortable with, they simply adjusted their outward appearances as they wished and kept their physical bodies underneath as they were.

So when they decided to start a family, it went without question that Fernando would carry the child.

They didn’t hesitate about sharing the news of their pregnancy on the internet and were keen to show that they were simply a normal family, hoping that this might prompt greater acceptance of transgender and transsexual people.


«We are trying to break down myths about trans people,» the proud new mother explained. Diane describes herself as an activist for trans rights and is well aware of how difficult this can be in Ecuador. She has often suffered harassment at work and in 2012 she was even kidnapped and assaulted.


When the first ultrasound gave them the first glance at their child, they were beside themselves with joy.

On the day of the birth there was a bit of extra anticipation at the hospital, because a couple such as Fernando and Diane aren’t seen so often in the maternity ward. But with Diane at his side, Fernando went through the birthing process without any complications.


Now all that remains is to wish this colorful young family the best. Let’s raise a glass to love!