When they discovered this body, they knew that there was something not human about it. When they examine its hands, they realize what it is.


It’s estimated that there are around 100 million galaxies containing about 800 trillion planets in the known universe. For thousands of years, we’ve looked up to the skies wondering whether we’re being watched by some other living being. Though there has been no irrefutable evidence of alien lifeforms, a recent discovery in Peru may now provide us with the answer…

An astonishing network of ancient geoglyphs is etched into the foothills of the Peruvian Nazca Desert. Only viewable from afar, these remarkable figures came to be known as the Nazca Lines and have attracted archaeologists from around the globe for decades. But when a team of investigators known as the Gaia group flew out to this stunning location, they didn’t have geoglyphs on their mind. Instead, the group had recently discovered what could potentially be the first known alien mummy.


The mummified humanoid measures 5′ 5″ in height and has extraordinarily large eyes. As well as featuring an elongated skull, the fossilized being has one characteristic that left the team stunned — three fingers and three toes on each hand and foot! The scientists examining the fossil say that this may not be a deformed human, but «another creature.»

According to the Gaia group, examinations could prove to show that the mummy contains materials different from any other found in fossils before. Claiming to have already calculated the age of the subject using carbon dating, the team state that it lived between 245 and 410 AD. It’s also worth noting that the surrounding mountains feature depictions of similar three-fingered humanoids, suggesting that these beings could’ve existed in an ancient era.

But there’s also reason to be skeptical about this discovery, as the Gaia group doesn’t enjoy the best reputation among researchers. For example, one senior member’s involvement in several UFO hoaxes has severely tarnished the organization’s credibility.

UFO expert Nigel Watson states that the fossil looks like «a plastercast over a bone structure with three fingers attached to the hands.» However, the specialist admits that his assessment is based on videos as he hasn’t examined the mummy in person.

Watch the following video if you’d like to find out more about the supposed alien discovery:

After looking at the evidence, anthropologist Alicia McDermott concludes that it’s «important in these situations to remain curious yet skeptical.» This seems to be a sensible approach, as it’s difficult to be 100% sure that something is true. Whatever you think about the Gaia group’s claims, their work may in some way help towards answering one of humanity’s most enduring questions: are we alone in the universe?