Baby hears Andrea Bocelli sing for 1st time. within seconds supercharged response goes viral


More than 20 years ago, one now beloved and famed singer released his breakout album featuring one song in particular that shot him to stardom. If you’ve ever listened to Andrea Bocelli, you know that his music has a way of stirring your soul. That song, “Time To Say Goodbye (Con Te Partiro),” is a very emotional piece with lyrics like “Time to say goodbye to countries I never saw and shared with you, now yes, I shall experience them. I’ll go with you on ships across seas, which I know, no, no, exist no longer. It’s time to say goodbye…”

This beautiful song helped Sesame Street superstar Elmo drift off to sleep on one episode of the children’s classic show. Andrea performed a duet with Elmo as he laid in bed, struggling to fall asleep. Anna Feldman and her son Abriel were watching this particular show at Abreil’s bedtime. Abriel loves classical music and Elmo, so this pairing was perfect for the baby. Anna could not believe how Abriel was reacting to the duet, so she decided to record it.


We can see how much this song affects Abriel. He smiles, he turns sorrowful, then he grins again. Even at his young age, he is truly feeling the effects of this beautiful and emotionally-charged song. When he hears Elmo sing, he can’t stop grinning. When Andrea’s deep, rich voice rings out, Adriel’s lip trembles and his big brown eyes well up with tears. Watch the video below and see how precious Abreil’s response is to the televised duet between Elmo and Abriel. He’s absolutely adorable!