Kitten with “Bat Ears” is Stuck in The Drain – Family Saves Her And Raises into Gorgeous Cat


Three years ago, there was a kitten rescued from a storm drain by a loving family. The poor little thing was so hungry, she consistently meowed until she’d been fed.


A common user of Reddit, Thomyo heard the kitten crying down in the drain and decided to do some investigating. When they glanced inside, found the furry little critter with bat like ears gazing up at them.


Once they’d safely captured her, realized just how small and malnourished she actually was. As a matter of fact, her head was almost bigger than her stomach.


“She was a skittish little kitty afraid of every animal imaginable. At the veterinarian’s office, she’d wet all over the floor at the first sign of another cat or dog nearby,” exclaims Thomyo.


However, the affectionate tuxedo kitten loved her human caretakers very much. Following them around the house in hopes of getting their attention.

The little tuxedo kitty sure had a lot of growing up to do. She was so ecstatic to have her very own all-you-can-eat buffet of food. Along with a comfy cozy bed to snuggle in with her loving human companions. Plus all of the new toys they gotten for little miss spoiled were beyond her wildest imagination.

It was the first time in her life that she’s felt safe and secure.


Thanks to the loving family nurturing her back to health, she was thriving once more. Within the several following months, she grew tremendously, including those big ears of hers.

Now she’s all grown up and is a healthy, gorgeous cat!

Who’d of imagined that the little kitten lost in that storm drain would of had such a happy ending.