Baby Realises That Her Favourite Part Of The Song Is About To Come On. Just Watch What She Does


This sweet girl knows exactly when the beat is about to drop.

In this viral footage, little Maddie is all shades of cute as she listens to her favourite song. From the wide smile on her face and she way she moves happily to the beat, we have no doubt she is a big fan of this Bruno Mars hit.

Sure, she has the moves and she is so beautiful our hearts ache, but that’s not what made this video go viral. It is that awesome gesture she does when that fun beat is about to drop that totally melts our hearts.

The cute video was only uploaded two days ago but has now been viewed over a million times. We bet thousands of people are like us, hitting that replay button over and over again because we simply cannot get enough.

Little Middie just has a way about her. The cutie pie has no worries about the camera and the family members giggling in the background. She is simply focused on dancing it out without a care in the world.

We can all learn a thing or two from Maddie. Life’s too short to be stressed — just wait for that favourite beat to drop and get dancing.