Check out Bart the Bear and Doug Seus’s unbelievable relationship


Doug Seus of Wasatch Rocky Mountain Wildlife, Utah, states on Wrestling a Bear in My Garden that he grew up having a passion for bears. Most children love teddy bears, but Seus’ childhood love went far beyond most kids’. Given two orphaned cubs in 1977, as stated by Wasatch Rocky Mountain Wildlife, Seus raised and trained these cubs to become two, real-life teddy bears, Bart and Tank, who were able to star in numerous Hollywood movies.

Through hours of time spent interacting with Bart the Bear from the time he was a cub, Bart went from a tiny cub to a 1,500 pound grizzly bear, becoming a huge bear with a huge heart for his human family. In Wrestling a Bear, Bart and Seus roll around together on the lawn, wrestling. At one point, Seus allows Bart to place his jaws completely around Seus’ head, demonstrating great trust in the bear. Later, Bart seemingly gives Seus a kiss.

Seus takes the time to point out in his video that he doesn’t just train bears. He spends hours connecting with the bears, «getting into the heart and soul of the bear.» Seus’ training process, according to USA Today, revolves around «positive reinforcement — with treats — during training.» Seus can’t imagine life without his bears. They are like family to him. What started as a childhood passion has become a wonderful livelihood for Seus.