Choose The Object Which Stands Out To You The Most, Then Discover The Hidden Secrets Of Your Subconscious!


There are several factors which influence a person’s character: Social, cultural and family environment are a few. When we’re children we observe the adults we live with every day. As well as observing them, we acquire our own personality upon seeing certain actions which are imprinted on our brains.

Everything you go through in childhood is reflected in adult life. Negative emotions shift to our subconscious and this test will help you find out those secrets.

–Examine the following image and choose the object which stands out to you the most. When you’ve made your choice, see what it means below.

1. Bicycle: You look to change your professional and personal life. You are ambitious and want independence. It can also mean a solitary journey through life.

2. Apple basket: The apples represent wisdom. If they caught your attention, it means that you’re on the path to reaching emotional happiness. But be careful, it’s also a warning that there are many temptations which you shouldn’t fall into.

3. Helmet: You’re impulsive and make decisions quickly. Sadly, they’re not always the right ones. You take risks, which explains why more doors open for you than for others. However, you sometimes tend to be very reckless.

4. Books: You have an inner desire to seek knowledge. You still haven’t found the meaning of your existence, but you haven’t given up.

5. Hammer: You’re more than capable of taking action and working. You’re very brave in making decisions. You do everything you can to achieve what you set out to. You’re even willing to use physical force to achieve it.

6. Masks: It’s possible that you present a false version of yourself to others. You could be trying to hide contradictory versions which not even you can explain.

7. Paint can: You try to make your life more beautiful but it doesn’t always go as planned. You hope to make a big change and generally hide your imperfections.

8. Circle: You feel like your life is boring and never-changing. Every day is like the other but you don’t do anything to change the routine. You’re feeling down and waiting for a spark to give you the necessary strength to make a change.

9. Sausages: You hope for success in everything. You put very high expectations on others. These high expectations match your ambitions.

10. Bars: You’re a person who is closed off and sad. You may be depressed. You have unreal wishes and are a big dreamer. You really miss something or someone, or you want to be free.

11. Broom: You’re surrounded by fake people. You need to make a change in your life. Now is time to reorganize some things. Remove from your life everything that doesn’t help you, sadness, loves, your past.

12. Chair: You’re physically and mentally tired. You lack energy. It’s possible that you’ve been under a lot of stress and now you’re paying for it.

13. Broken mirror: You fight against yourself a lot. This can reflect that you have problems with many people or a disorder in your psyche.

14. Pliers: You’re disconnected from your own life. You probably often feel like others take advantage of you.

15. Swing: This symbolizes inner doubt. Your mood changes frequently. You go from being happy and jovial to sad and depressed. You find it hard to control your anger. You explode for no apparent reason. You obsess over your inner problems.

16. Painting: You’re looking for your own image. You have problems in expressing your feelings and emotions. You are insecure and fearful.

17. Doll: You miss your childhood. It could also mean that you’re selfish with others. Your environment isn’t very genuine. Now might be the time for a change of atmosphere.

Surprised by the test’s accuracy?