Cockatoo Sees Dad Coming Home From Work And Absolutely Loses It With Excitement


Dog owners all know the joy of coming home from a long day of work and being greeted by your dog. Those initial moments when they go nuts over hearing your footsteps are unlike anything else!

They wag their tails, jump around and lick you from head to toe — but do you ever think that other animals show the same insane love and excitement toward their parents?

Apparently, some do.

This cockatoo named Onni is definitely one of those pets who radiates happiness when Dad walks through the door.

When Onni sees his dad walking up toward the front door from the window, he screeches with excitement. Incidentally, “Onni” means “luck” and “happiness” in Finnish. It makes sense why this bird is so loved and loves so much in return!

As soon as Dad finally gets into the house and shuts the door behind him, Onni flies over and lands right on top of him. The two embrace, and you can immediately tell that these two are best friends.

That, ultimately, is the beauty of being a pet parent: each and every pet has their own way of showing how much they love and miss you. They love us unconditionally, and have no reservations about showing their feelings to the world!

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