Crowd confused when 6 teens line up on stage. Suddenly boy on left snaps & everything changes


There’s nothing quite like a good ol’ fashioned talent show. The comedy skits, the songs, the dance routines, oh my!

And the best part about watching a talent show is getting to sit back and enjoy not only the impressive, formal acts — but also the comical, goofy ones as well! We’ve seen everything in talent shows from synchronized ring tossing, to silly ventriloquism skits, to the playing of unique instruments.


Yep, these events give contestants the opportunity to show off any talent they choose — the good, the bad, and the ugly! When the curtains open for the following skit, the audience isn’t quite sure of what’s in store for them…

As the heavy, dark curtains slowly make their way out of sight, six young men appear from behind them. The boys are all wearing white t-shirts and sunglasses, and are slumped forward with their arms resting on their knees.


The boys are still and quiet. Suddenly, the young man furthest to the left sits up and begins snapping his fingers. The crowd stares intently, wondering what will unfold on the stage before them.

After a second, the boy sitting next to him raises his body and joins in, then the third boy, and so on. Finally all of the young men are snapping in unison — and that’s when the show begins. The audience sits in anticipation of what’s going to happen next.


All at once, they start patting their knees. While keeping a perfect beat, each boy reaches over and pats his neighbor’s knees, then his own chest, then crisscrosses his hands to pat his own knees once again. The rhythm they maintain is amazing!

The routine goes on, in complete silence, except for the sound of the patting. The act gets more intense as the young men speed up their movements, flowing from one action to the next, without «skipping a beat!» It’s truly incredible what they do!


Check out this uniquely fabulous talent show routine in the video below. It’s truly mesmerizing to watch!