Dog Can’t Forgive His Owner She’s Been Away Until She Says ‘I’m Sorry’


Those people who have pets know how unconditional their love can be. Animals that live with us under the same roof are our best friends that will never let us down. In their turn, they want the same from us.

And when we leave them alone for some time, they just don’t know what to think. They miss us a lot and wait for us, no matter what time of day it is. Our pets don’t know where we’ve gone and when we will return. But when we finally come back, their reaction can be different.

Some of them are on cloud nine and can’t leave us even for a minute, while others openly express how hurt they are.

This doggy, called Samson, for example, let his owners know they had been away for too many hours by his little protest. When they came home, they saw their doggy very sad. He was sitting near the door and didn’t even think of running towards them to say hi.

His entire appearance showed he was hurt and offended by the fact his family didn’t take him with them.

But no sooner did his mommy said ‘I’m sorry’ than he immediately ran towards her! The video below shows exactly how sensitive this poor thing is.