Dog Runs Up To Cops Acting Frantic – Can’t Believe Their Eyes When they Follow Him Home


Labradors are some of the sweetest and most helpful dogs known to man. As anyone who has ever owned of their own can tell you, they are wonderful companions. They can also serve as a useful guide dog. These dogs have a vibrant personality and they know how to make their presence felt in the best possible way. Owners of Labradors cannot praise this breed enough.

If you are someone who is looking for additional proof as to how special this breed of dog can be, this is the story for you. John Boy is a Lab who was dealt a fairly rotten hand in life. He could not find a forever home to call his own. He’d been shuttled between a few different homes before finally finding a residence in the state of Wisconsin with a woman named Krystal.

One day, a local police officer was on duty when he noticed that John Boy appeared to be quite frantic. Officer Jeff Gonzalez saw the dog sprinting up and down the road barking. John Boy was dying to get the attention of someone, so that he could let them know what was taking place. Once Jeff got out of the car to find out what was wrong, John Boy began to take off.

Luckily, this officer was smart enough to know that John Boy was only trying to lead him to the scene of the trouble. John Boy took the officer to his house, where Krystal was sitting outside in the frigid Wisconsin conditions. By the officer’s estimation, the woman had spent at least one hour in the 3 degree heat. He also assumed the worst, believing that the woman had passed away.

After taking a closer look at the situation, the officer realized that she still had a pulse. Krystal was taken to the hospital and the doctors were able to revive her. Thanks to her guardian angel John Boy, she avoided a much worse fate. She credits the officer as well, but he does not want to receive any kudos for the effort that he put in that day.

Without the work of John Boy, it is tough to imagine what would have happened to Krystal. We do not know why John Boy’s past owners were willing to return him to the shelter, but one thing is for sure. These people are definitely missing out on the ownership experience of a lifetime. Please share this amazing story about John Boy’s rescue effort with your closest friends and loved ones.