Dog was found dumped at service station. Once dog was home, owners never quite expected such an experience


Assumed dumped, Ralph the dog was found at a gas station. He wasn’t in the best condition, but little did he know, his fate was about to change in a very big way.
Ralph was first turned over to Sidewalk Specials, an animal rescue in the United Kingdom. Sidewalk Specials aims to rescue as many dogs as possible, making use of a network of fosters and social media platforms to rehome dogs and wake the public up to the need. However, Ralph’s story doesn’t end just here.

It turns out — Ralph earned a spot in a foster home, and the photos and video below prove how he won the hearts of his owners.
Here’s Ralph:

Ralph again:

Ralph’s new family was told he was mellow, relaxed, and low-pressure. It was true; he was SO laid-back that he fell asleep while the vet was checking him out!

The foster family really hadn’t thought of adopting a dog. They just wanted to help. In fact, they were a little worried about taking in a stray with their young daughter. But then Ralph!

Worried that all the work involving a dog would fall to the mum, the family was relieved when Ralph walked quietly beside their little girl, and was thrilled that they bonded so well.

Ralph was the perfect dog for this family, and they knew they would give him the forever home he craved.

When you watch the video below, notice Ralph’s happy expression. Adoption will do that for a dog, so share this video and encourage others to do as Sidewalk Specials suggests: Adopt—don’t shop!