Ellen Admits she lied to struggling couple with 2 kids when she said they wouldn’t get new car

When Tiffany and Ray Johnson appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, they shared their story of heartbreak and perseverance.

Ray became jobless and the couple lost their home, both within three years. Luckily, Ellen had some unexpected gifts for the couple and their two children.

In the video below, the TV host surprises the parents with a new gaming system for their son, since Tiffany was forced to sell it to get their water turned back on.

After the daytime talk show host sees how grateful Tiffany and Ray are, she keeps the gifts coming.

Ellen says, “I don’t want you to get excited. You know, we give cars away and I feel horrible because we only have so many to give away. So, I’m not giving you a car, but tell me the struggles you’re having with your car.”

Once Tiffany explains that she can’t reach the gas pedal on her own and mentions that their car is falling apart, Ellen presents them with $10,000!

Later on in the show, the host drops an even bigger bombshell.

She tells Tiffany and Ray: “I like to pride myself on being a very honest person. I think that’s why people trust me, but I have to tell you that I just lied to you because you’re getting a brand-new 2012 Toyota Prius V!”

Check out this couple’s incredible reaction to their new car in the video below, and please Liked Video if you’re glad Ellen is helping them get back on their feet!