Dad asks Matthew Broderick to pose with daughter and fails to notice Jerry Seinfeld behind him


There’s nothing quite like the rush of running into a celebrity you admire on the street. Living in New York, it’s not uncommon to see the occasional celebrity — but it’s always exciting when it’s someone you really admire!

A Twitter user who goes by the handle @HonoredSpirit recently shared a unique story of a celebrity encounter that didn’t actually involve him, but still got the internet talking.

HonoredSpirit began his tweet with the words “The Matthew Broderick Story” before diving into probably one of the funniest celebrity-encounter stories I’ve ever read!

It all started when HonoredSpirit’s close friend was visiting Long Island, New York, with his family before running into the stage actor.

This is a story that’s amazing right up until the end, so keep reading! You won’t want to miss this.

Check out the series of tweets below, and wait for the surprise twist at the end!

HonoredSpirit begins the story like any other celebrity encounter might begin. His friend and his friend’s family are in Montauk on Long Island and run into stage and film actor Matthew Broderick. All seems normal so far!

HonoredSpirit’s friend politely asks Matthew Broderick if he wouldn’t mind taking a photo with his young daughter and the actor has no problem doing so!

Trouble arises when Matthew Broderick’s friend can’t seem to take a hint that HonoredSpirit’s friend wants the perfect photo just with Matthew Broderick and his daughter.

Finally, HonoredSpirit shares the photo his friend took of his daughter with the actor. And finally, we can see who Matthew’s friend is, as he doesn’t appear to be cropped out of the photo. Do you recognize him?

A couple of Twitter users couldn’t figure it out at first. Who exactly is that friend Matthew Broderick was hanging out with? Can you tell?
That “friend” – it turns out – was actually Jerry Seinfeld! You can tell from the smirk on his face that he finds the whole situation amusing. Spotting one celebrity for a photo and instantly becoming blind to another!

Some Twitter users were quick to remark the photo’s resemblance to an iconic moment in Seinfeld. A creeping Jason Alexander doesn’t look too different from a Jerry Seinfeld standing in the back.

A couple Seinfeld fans couldn’t help but joke in the style of the classic Jerry Seinfeld one-liner that begins with, “What’s the deal with–?”

Another Twitter user named Elizabeth remarked that she would’ve handled the situation just like HonoredSpirit’s friend! Matthew Broderick would’ve been much more exciting for her!
The fans who spotted Jerry Seinfeld right away couldn’t contain their excitement! I know I had a very similar reaction when reading the thread!

Just like the Seinfeld fans, a few people were quick to make a Ferris Bueller’s Day Off joke. This photo probably did feel like a great day for Matthew Broderick, who’s kept a relatively low profile over the last decade compared to comedian Jerry Seinfeld.
More Ferris Bueller jokes continued with people referring to Broderick as “the Sausage King of Chicago” and “Abe Froman” like the titular character from the 1986 film.
Adding to the greatness of this celebrity encounter, a man named Jake added that a similar thing had happened to him when he met Matthew Perry, the actor who plays Chandler on Friends. While taking a photo with him, Jake completely missed the fact that Titanic and Avatar director James Cameron was sitting just beside them!

Looks like these encounters happen more often than you think!
Apparently, Matthew Broderick and Jerry Seinfeld are old friends and often hang out together. This shot of them from 2012 is at a Mets Game. We can only hope a similar celebrity encounter happened at that game, as well.

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