Every Day He Rides Several Miles On His Bike With A Gallon Of Milk. You Will Go ‘Aww’ When You See Who The Milk Is For!


Every single day this man rides several miles deep into savannah on his bike with two big bottles of fresh milk. When he finally arrives at the spot, that doesn’t seem to differ from any other place of the vast African shrubland, he rings his bicycle bell and here they run! Two orphaned cubs. Some time before, they lost their mom. Deprived of food and protection, they would’ve died. The man takes out the bottles and passes them to the babies, who are now almost as tall as he is. Satisfied, they drink and swing their big ears.

Most babies who lose their mother in the wild are meant to die unless they’re taken care of. The issue is even more topical in case of the endangered species and those with long pregnancy period, the absence of a female parent can pose serious troubles on the survival of the kind  That’s the reason why the nature preservation organizations put much effort to support the life of the orphaned animals. There are different ways to do it, from raising the little ones in a special restricted area until they grow big enough to confront the carnivores to supporting them in the wildlife with food and care.