Man Bought $2 Junk Photo And Sold It For $5 Million Because Of Who Was Pictured In It!


n 2010, Randy Guijarro found this photo in a cardboard box in some antique shop in California. The man thought it looked neat and bought it for $2. When he took a closer look at the old tintype, he got suspicions that it was of much greater significance and value.

Guijarro he looked at the picture under a microscope, and in the bottom left corner, he spotted a man who resembled Henry McCarty, known better by the name Billy the Kid. The man was stunned and began an Internet research to learn more about Billy the Kid and his gang. Randy Guijarro found not only the portrait of Billy but also photos of Tom O’Folliard and Charlie Bowdre, his gangmates. Then, he realized those people were also in the picture!
Over the next five years, Guijarro worked with historians to identify all 18 people in the photograph. Now, the photo he once bought for $2 costs a whole fortune – around $5 million!