Family is relaxing in the pool: then an elephant pops over for a drink


There’s nothing like than taking a refreshing dip in the pool after a hot and sweaty day. And that’s exactly what a family who was on holiday in Botswana did.

When the family was floating around their pool, they suddenly heard someone or something heading for them. They could hear branches breaking and a thundering sound got closer.

Then suddenly between the trees, a giant elephant appeared.
He got closer and closer and until he stopped at pool. Then after making sure the humans weren’t dangerous, he started drinking.

When he was done, he looked at the family as if to thank them and quietly made his exit.

The family were vacationing at Elephant Sands resort, and wild elephants are known to sometimes visit and get a cool drink of water.

So the resort makes sure its pool water is always clean and chlorine free.

Wow, what an experience! We’re so lucky this family caught the whole thing on video.

Take a look at the awesome clip here:

I can’t imagine how shocked I’d be to come face to face with a wild elephant. But what an experience!

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