Get To Know The Most Popular Baby Names For Kids Born In 2017


Some people have their future children’s names picked out when they are still children themselves. Others take weeks to finally decide on the perfect one for their new baby.

Either way, picking a baby’s name is a very important and life-altering decision for the both of you.

A lot has changed since the 1970s when names like Deborah, Larry, and Dennis were popular among parents. You’ll seldom meet a baby named something like Susan in 2017.

Obviously, what hasn’t changed is the fact that babies must be named. You may think that popular names these days would be ultra modern or based off characters from a Netflix series.

In that case, you’d be surprised to read that many of the baby names new parents are opting for are not anything too out of the ordinary. In fact, you might even share a name with a lot of the babies born this year.

1. Emma And Liam
Turns out, Emma is far more than just a Jane Austen novel. It also happens to be the most popular name for girls this year.

According to Baby Center, Emma comes from a German-derived English name that means “whole” or “universal.”

Interestingly, Liam is short for William, and means “Helmet of will.”

2. Olivia And Noah
Coming in at second place are Olivia and Noah.

Olivia was also the second most popular name in 2016. Not only is the name pretty to say, it was first used by Shakespeare in Twelfth Night. Its direct Greek translation is “olive tree.”

Of course, the name Noah goes back just as far, if not farther, with the famous biblical figure and his ark. The Hebrew name means “rest” or “comfort.”

3. Ava And Lucas
You may be surprised to learn that the name Ava is actually a derivative of the name Eve, which is a name as old as time. It appropriately means “life” or “giving life.”

Lucas is a version of Luke, another biblical name. It’s of Latin origin and means “light giving” and “illumination.”
4. Isabella And Mason
The name Isabella has Hebrew origins and means “devoted to God.” It was also popularized throughout the Middle Ages and Renaissance when it was common among royalty.

Mason’s origins aren’t quite as dignified. It was traditionally a French last name that designated someone’s profession as a stoneworker.

However, Hollywood royalty like the Kardashians have revived the name Mason today.

5. Sophia And Logan
Sophia is another name that was used by royalty throughout the middle ages in Europe. It has Greek origins and translates to “wisdom.”

Logan is the fifth most popular boy name, although it can be used by both genders. Surprisingly, this Scottish name technically means “small hollow.”

6. Mia And Oliver
You may think that Mia is short for Amelia, but it’s technically a shortened version of Maria. The Latin name originates from the words that mean “wished-for child.”

Oliver is the male version of the name Olivia, and also translates to “olive tree.”
7. Amelia And Ethan


Amelia is interestingly a fusion of medieval names Emilia and Amalia. The hybrid has Latin roots and means “striving.”

Ethan is a Hebrew name that means “strong,” “safe,” and “firm.” These are all good traits to hope your boy grows into!

8. Charlotte And Elijah
Charlotte is a much prettier version of its male counterpart, Charles. Other than being popular among British royalty for hundreds of years, it also means “petite” and “feminine.”

Elijah is another biblical name that has gained popularity in 2017. The Hebrew name has been popular in the Jewish community in the past, but everyone seems to love it equally now.

9. Harper And Aiden
Back in the day, Harper was a last name given to whoever could play the large string instrument. Now it sounds like a trendy and sophisticated name for a baby girl, or a nod to Harper Lee, who wrote the classic novel, To Kill a Mockingbird.

Other than being the ninth most popular baby name this year, Aiden is also the name of a fiery Celtic sun god. It has roots in Ireland.

10. Aria And James
The meaning of Aria is almost as pretty as the name itself. Aria is Italian for “air.” In music, the aria is a solo in an opera. The combination is also a beautiful thought.

James is an extremely classic boys’ name that initially came from the Hebrew name Jacob. Men named James have sat on many royal thrones, and apparently slept in several cribs this year.

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