Golden Retriever Was So Scared That She Covered Up Her Eyes During The Rescue Operation


The Hope for Paws rescuers received a call about a stray Golden Retriever. They spent five days to find her. When they finally spotted her, the doggy was so scared that even covered her eyes.

The pup climbed under the truck. So the rescuer guy had to climb there either to get her.
“Good girl! Will you let me get you now?” he was saying.

The man spent some time together with the doggy to calm her down. The poor thing covered her eyes like a frightened child. The guy was cuddling her, and he was talking to her all the time. In a while, he managed to get the pup out. When she came out, the doggy was given her first hug.

Now Clarabelle (the dog’s name) lives in the shelter. She is a very friendly and cheerful doggy. Clarabelle is waiting for her new family to adopt her.