Goofy Mom Dances In The Driveway, But She Has No Idea Her Husband Is Behind Her


When you think about growing up, there are so many memories that will most likely flood your mind. Hopefully more good than bad, and hopefully the most embarrassing ones have transformed into funny stories.

Especially the ones about your parents, because once you’re grown you realize that those embarrassing moments will eventually be thrown onto you from your kids too.

Which brings us to the funny video we’re about to watch.

When Brooklyn Hitchcock posted this video online of her parents hysterically dancing in a driveway, she titled it, “Parents embarrass daughter with public dancing,” and made sure the description added, “This is what I deal with.”

Clearly, a bit of embarrassment lays in her tone, but in the video, you can hear her little bit of laughter too. No matter how much our parents embarrass us, we still gotta love them.

The whole video is impossible to get through without a smile because, if the mom’s moves don’t get you going, the moment when her husband sneaks up behind her and joins in makes it even better.

Dance moves may vary across decades, but fun looks the same. And these parents look like a lot of fun and very in love! Who wouldn’t want young, lovin’ parents like this?

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