Gwen Stefani spills the beans on Blake Shelton’s Christmas mishap


So, let’s talk about the time Blake Shelton almost burned the house down cooking a turkey in a smoker.


Blake girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, talked with the publication “NME” about her holiday traditions—she loves Christmas and all the festivities, fun and food that goes along with it—and shared that little cooking disaster gem about her beau of more than two years.

The Stefanis are Italian-American, and typically rely on traditional Italian fare for their holiday table. That’s all the good stuff like lasagna, homemade gnocchi and manicotti—except for the one year Blake wanted to do a turkey.

“Blake had a turkey in one of those smokers and he went out to check on it and the entire thing was on fire,” she told the magazine. “We saved them—we put them in the oven and they turned out really good … but the house almost went down!”

He more than made up for it with the gift he gave her, though.

“I got a horse saddle from Blake—that was pretty shocking,” Gwen revealed.

This wasn’t just any old horse saddle either. “It was crazy, but so beautiful,” Gwen explained. “It looks like something a unicorn would have. It’s sparkly with colors and fringe.” And although she uses it all the time, she admits there have been a couple of scary moments.

“I fell off my horse. I don’t know if you can see the scar, but this whole hand was torn up,” she told “NME.” “I can’t believe I didn’t get smashed underneath her.”

But of all the gifts, and the decorations, the board games, Christmas movies and fun, Gwen knows beyond a shadow of a doubt the true meaning of Christmas.

“When you really look back, all you have is your memories,” she said. “You don’t realize at the time, but now that I’m older and I have children, you realize it’s about making memories.

“The holidays are an interesting time,” she added. “It’s a time that you reflect on yourself, on the year, what you have done, what do you want to do, your dreams. There’s a lot of reassessment. There’s a lot of pressure, and pain and joy.”

But with Blake and her three sons by her side, we have no doubt that this could be Gwen’s best Christmas yet.