He Gave A Homeless Man $100 And Followed Him To See What He Did… You Won’t Believe It!


It’s quite common, perhaps increasingly so, to go out in the street and see a homeless person asking for money. And the truth is that it can be conflicting for us to give some change, not because we don’t have any, but because we think they’ll waste it on alcohol, drugs or something else.

Confronting this fear, Josh Paler Lin, a famous youtuber gave $100 to a homeless man and decided to find out what he would do with it.


Of course $100 is a lot of money, especially to someone who hasn’t had a home in some time, so the possibilities of what he could do were huge. Curiously, the fear was well-founded when Josh saw the homeless man enter a liquor store and leave with many heavy bags.

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But it doesn’t end there. He kept following him to find out what he had spent the money on. He arrived at a park with other homeless people and Josh realized the reality was very different to what he had imagined. Not every homeless person is without a home by choice or downfall. We can’t forget that, nor can we judge them so quickly, or so easily.