He saved baby condor from death years ago. Bird returns every day to say thank you


Recent video footage shows a baby condor affectionately nuzzling his rescuer. Nestor David who filmed this video which features his cousin Edgardo Della Gaspera who’d rescued the baby condor after falling out of its nest and was currently taking care of it during the filming. After several wrong reports that stated the little bird flew down to Mr. Gaspera, there was a lot of attention drawn to the video.

However, an article was released to correct the information. Stating that the young condor was not able to fly and is still in Edgardo’s care. According to his cousin Nestor, is still in his care and enjoys roaming freely around his quaint farm. There are two more videos taken by Mr. David, who captures the bird having his daily bath and another one with him running towards the camera after hearing his name Condorito.

Greeting his feathered friend, the man says “Hi there buddy, how are you doing? Did you come to tell me hi? Long time no see?” he tells his loving companion.

It’s amazing how comfortable the bird is when he’s with the man, letting him stroke those beautiful feathers of his. The condor sure loves having the back of its neck petted.

It is such a unique relationship between the man and bird. See how comfortable the condor is around humans. The bird is obviously grateful to have this man in his life. A condor’s actions tell you how happy they really are. It’s so sweet!

Condors have an enormous wingspan and are carrion eaters at heart, with a bare head that makes them unique.