Cute Baby Crashes The Performance Of Her Talented Daddy


Kids are just so wonderfully uninhibited. They do what feels good without worrying about how they look or what people think. They sing, dance and play whenever they want to. We can stand to learn a thing or two from them. Sometimes, letting go can be exactly what you need during stressful times.

This toddler had no idea that he was crashing his daddy’s concert when he made his way to the stage during a performance. All the little kid saw was daddy singing on stage and he simply wanted to join in.

17-month-old Ethan ran out onstage when his dad, country singer Coffey was performing at a NYE event. Ethan began to dance as soon as he hit the stage and ended up stealing the whole show.

Ethan’s dance moves were pretty darn impressive too. Our favourite part was when he returned backstage to give his mother his pacifier then went back on stage. It was as if he was saying, “hold my pacifier, mummy. I’m about to turn up!’

Coffey himself said this was natural to Ethan as the little boy loved to dance whenever dad was playing music at home. To Ethan, his daddy was just singing to him and dancing was the only reaction he knew.

Watch the video below. It will absolutely make you smile.