Neighbors Complained About A Never-Ending Baby Crying. When Cops Came They Found Out It Was One Smart Parrot Mocking Them!


If you have a chance to watch this video without looking at the screen, I believe you’ll think that it is a human baby. But that’s not how it is.
This amazing parrot imitates a crying kid! The bird makes sounds while his owner tries to calm him. And he seems to be so convincing, that I am shocked.

It is well known that parrots mimic human sounds. They can laugh, cry and even speak. Why do they do it? We don’t know. Some scientists think they are faking human voices to attract some attention. Well, in any case, it is exciting to watch how these birds try to be like us.

I really can’t figure out the difference! The bird has a unique talent! His performance is incredible, but I wouldn’t want to live next door. This parrot can confuse anybody!
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