Here’s What This Line on Your Hand Reveals About Your Personality


The heart line on your hands actually provides more insight into you and your personality than you might think. It starts from just under your pinky finger and moves up towards your middle finger. There are four different ways in which this line can be positioned.

11: If your heart line begins below your middle finger, you’re a leader and very ambitious person. You are independent, intelligent and you have ability to make clear cut decisions. You’re not as sensitive, and you’re a little cold towards others.

2: If your heart line starts between the middle and index fingers, you’re considerate and kind. You’re quite hesitant and cautious when it comes to trusting other people. At the same time people trust you. You have a good balance between heart and mind. You also use your common sense to make decisions.

3: If your heart line starts below your index finger, you are quite a similar type of personality to “1”, but have life full of love. You’re apparently a much more sentimental person, and your lifestyle tends to be more idealistic.

4: If your heart line arcs between your index finger and your thumb, you tend to be a patient, caring and warm-hearted person.


* If your heart line starts as three lines merging into one, this is a good indication that you have a balance of versatile feelings that you are able to express.
* If the line starts at the finger base, it means a person can be more empathetic. But if the line starts further down, more in the middle of the hand, the person can be more business-minded and possibly more materialistic.
* A curved or rounded heart line can be warmer than a straight one.
* If your heart line is unbroken and clear, it means you handle emotional depth well.