Something Truly Amazing Happens If You Add Milk To Coca-Cola!


Our life is full of surprises and unknown facts that’s always interesting to discover. It doesn’t matter that we’re not children anymore because there are so many things that can shock us. Various chemical experiments is not an exception. People try to show us something new every time they make a discovery.

For example, you will be fascinated to see what happens if you add milk to Coca-Cola. At first glance, this reaction is simple, but the chemical story behind is rather complicated.

The reaction of phosphoric acid with calcium contained in milk makes something incredible. So, the molecules of Phosphoric Acid attach to the milk. After that, they become denser and separate out. At the same time, the remaining liquid made of the milk and cocoa cola becomes lighter and appears on the top of the glass. Isn’t it amazing?

This video is not only for the fans of Coca-Cola but milk as well. Now you can clearly see what will happen in your stomach if you drink them together.