Homeless man has an incredible voice, shocks everyone with his singing


Every so often I come across a transformation story so stunning that I have to share it with everyone I meet. This is one such story.

In 2014, life looked bleak for Doug Seegers. Homeless, Doug walked around the streets of Nashville not knowing where he would eat his next meal or where he would sleep that night. The only thing that kept Doug going was his love for singing.

Fortune, however, favors those who pursue their dreams. In March 2014, a singer named Jill Johnson created a reality TV show based in Nashville. While they were scouting for local talent to include in their show, they heard about a homeless man in Nashville with an incredible voice. That man was Doug.

With Jill’s help, Doug was able to create a video to showcase his incredible voice. And let me be the first to tell you — it will simply blow you away.

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