Husband Sends Roses To Home, Wife Is Delighted Until She Reads Card & Learns Truth


After years of marriage, it’s the little gestures that help keep things fresh and happy. So when Debbie Cardone saw a bouquet of flowers being delivered to her home, she was overjoyed.

Debbie’s husband works overseas in the Middle East, so she was delighted to see that he’d sent her flowers out-of-the-blue. Debbie is used to her husband sending her flowers so when she found a delivery at her home she didn’t think much of it…until she took a look at the card.


Now, any wife might be surprised to find her husband sending multi-colored roses to someone named «Sebastian,» but she knew immediately who the flowers were for. Sebastian is the family’s precocious bulldog who was recuperating from a recent surgery.

When he saw the flowers, Sebastian couldn’t help but give them a little sniff. He surely also loved the card, which read:

«Sebastian, Feel better you’ll be back in the game very soon. Love Daddy»

A few weeks before the flowers arrived, the vet found that Sebastian had some problems with the knees in his two front legs.

The poor pooch had to undergo surgery, and was apparently having a pretty tough time with his recuperation. Feeling bad that he was too far away to actually comfort his good boy, Debbie’s husband thought the dog might appreciate some flowers.


He did, but maybe not as much as he appreciates treats. He is a pooch after all.

Debbie was amused by the mix-up, and shared images of the flowers and the card on Facebook. Her daughter Lily, a student at the University of Florida, also shared the photos on Twitter.


Together the posts went viral, with everyone laughing at both Sebastian’s reaction to the flowers and Debbie’s good humor about her disappointment. However, these weren’t the last flowers she and Sebastian received!

A few days later, six more bouquets arrived at the house for Sebastian, including two bouquets of white flowers arranged in the shape of a dog!


As Debbie wrote on Facebook:

«I guess they appreciated our viral post and how my husband uses 1-800-flowers all the time! I guess the celebration continues! Thank you 1-800-flowers! Sebastian loves them and the doggy flowers are SO cute!!»
Sebastian is one lucky dog! We wish him a speedy recovery!