Inseparable friends : cat didn’t leave the baby’s bed as a way to protect himself


Sonny was born several months ago, but he already has a large family of pets. The baby shares his house with dogs and cats. But it’s the cat Mia who became his friend and protector.

When Sonny came into the world, Mia watched him from a distance. But little by little she came closer and she is now the best babysitter.

Kassey Boggs, the mother of Sonny and Mia, says:

In the past two weeks, Mia has developed a great love for Sonny. She likes to watch his little movements, she plays with him under his teepee and there was not a single morning when Sonny did not wake Mia up.

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The most touching moment was when Sonny came home one day with a slight fever. Mia immediately realized that something was wrong. She refused to leave the baby’s side for several hours. Mia lay by his side all afternoon to make sure the child was happy and healthy.

Mom adds:

She takes her role as a babysitter very seriously. That’s her reason for living.

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