This prankster made a car out of snow and the police man tried to give it a ticket


Everybody hates getting a ticket from the traffic warden. Sometimes it’s just the principle and not even about the money.

Every so often however someone seems to pull a fast one of the higher powers and this time it was just hilarious.

This Canadian decided that it would be funny to sculpt a car out of snow and place it in a position where it would be vulnerable to getting a ticket.


He was not far wrong and a couple of hours later and police officer saw the car and proceed to go towards it.

To make the whole prank even more convincing the 33 year old man Simon Laprise had even put a wind wiper on the wrong of the snow made car.


Simon said to news site Vice : “I decided to do something out of the mountain of snow, to do a little joke to the snow guys, and have fun sculpting a car. It’s not my first one, just the first I do in the street on snow removal day.

“To me snow is a great free material to sculpt anything out of.”

Check out the picture below of the cop car beside the fake car.


Unfortunately, Simon wasn’t there to witness the confusion in real time and he also missed the moment the snow patrol arrived to demolish his beautiful creation.

While some think winter is a ballache because it’s freezing (and it is), at least this bloke is taking a ‘when life gives you lemons’ approach to the season.

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