Lovers of rich, creamy chocolate cake rejoice! Science has some great news for you


You would definitely be waking up much earlier to eat breakfast knowing that eating chocolate cake for breakfast has multiple benefits to it. Much against popular belief, chocolate cake for breakfast improve your concentration and can even help you shed a few pounds!

Here are some reasons as to why Liked Video should be eating chocolate cake for breakfast:

Breakfast is the best meal of the day
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and who doesn’t love a breakfast of fruits, eggs, sausages, bacon, and bread. The only problem with breakfast is that it does not satisfy all those with a sweet tooth.
The next big thing

Liz Moskow is a food trend expert and a culinary expert at the Sterling rice group. She told the Food Business News that chocolate cake will be the next big thing to hit the breakfast table and was soon on its way to becoming everyone’s favorite meal of the day.
Can help control sugar cravings for the rest of the day

Eating cake for breakfast along with a healthy amount of carbs and protein can help control sugar cravings that most people experience through the day. Research from the Tel Aviv University also showed that eating a slice of cake in the morning is ideal as that is the time your metabolism is at its best. You also burn away those calories through the day.

You can shed all those pounds
Over a 32 week study, about 193 obese people were divided into two groups. Group A was given a low carb breakfast with 300 calories and low carbs, while Group B was given a more balanced 600-calorie breakfast. Both the groups ate the same amount of calories through the rest of the day. By the end of the study, the group which consumed 300 calories gained back an average of 22 pounds per person while Group B lost 15 pounds on an average per person.
More satisfaction


Daniela Jkubowicz is the lead researcher on the study and said that despite the fact that both the groups were consuming the same amount of calories a day, the group that ate the low carb breakfast was not satisfied with what they had eaten in the morning. In fact, this group experienced intense sugar cravings later on in the day.
There is nothing to feel guilty about after eating cake
People often beat themselves up after eating something they think is high on calories or unhealthy. However, eating chocolate for breakfast has multiple benefits including that of weight loss.
The darker, the better
Eating chocolate for breakfast in the morning can power your brain for the entire day. It has been found that dark chocolate can improve memory, focus, abstract thinking as well as cognitive functioning.

Some self-control, please
Of course, too much of anything is bad for you and hence even with chocolate, it is good to exhibit a certain amount of self-control.