Man Discovers A Giant Stone In A Forest, And It May Unlock Some Ancient Secrets


Archeologists are amazing people who devoted their lives to investigating out mysterious past. They usually try to find all sorts of clues about how people lived, had a rest and worked in ancients timed. But very often even they can’t identify some unexpected findings.

One day villagers discovered a massive stone sphere in a forest in Bosnia. They immediately decided to contact with archaeologists to help them to explore this weird-looking thing. The object was about five feet and was made of iron. Nobody knew how long this sphere had been there.
Scientist Semir Osmanagic believed that it could be the key to the secrets of an ancient civilization.


Semir claimed that the sphere was, in fact, an artifact from more than 1,500 years ago and it was not unique. The man said people had found the objects like these, but they were destroyed.

Semir, known as the Bosnian “Indiana Jones” also made some outrageous claims before. For example, he stated that there was a 12,000-year-old system of pyramids in Bosnia.


Dr. Mandy Edwards from Manchester University said that this sphere is not human-made at all. The researcher explained that the object was formed by “precipitation of natural mineral cement within the spaces between sediment grains.”


Semir believed it was part of the pyramids, hiding in the hills of Bosnia.


So, the mystery of this fascinating object is still unsolved!


What an amazing puzzle! And what do you think? Is it just a phenomenon of nature?
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