Maria’s Owner Abandoned Her When The Doggy Paralyzed And Pregnant. Rescue Center Team Took Care Of The Pup And Changed Her Life


We usually call dogs human’s best friend. These friendly creatures would do anything for their owners. Unfortunately, people don’t always show these beautiful animals the same kindness. That is what exactly happened to Maria.

This cute dachshund experienced neglect and abuse. Dachshunds often have problems with their legs and backs, but in this case, the problem was serious: Maria, who belonged to a breeder, ended up paralyzed from her ribs down.

Despite this fact, her owner made her breed. When the breeder found out that he had to pay $3000 for a C-section for Maria, he just left her in a veterinary clinic.

Luckily, Maria was taken to a rescue center, where she started to trust humans again. With the help of the rescue team, she was able to give birth to seven puppies. Love and care completely changed Maria’s life!

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