Mom Of Three Divorces Husband — So They Can Both Have The ‘Other’ Woman


When Cristina and Benno exchanged wedding vows, they never expected another woman would end their marriage… but that they’d stay together.

More than a decade after they said “I do,” Cristina and Benno are now getting divorced so their girlfriend won’t get jealous.

Cristina was the one who first admitted something just didn’t feel right about their monogamous relationship. After a couple of failed attempts to find their “third” partner, the pair met Sierra at the mall and felt an instant connection.

Over time, Cristina and Benno felt their marriage excluded Sierra. So, they decided the best thing to do would be to file for divorce and free themselves of marriage, but not each other.

Now, either Cristina or Benno will marry Sierra so that all three will have legal rights to their children.

“There’s a lot of love,” Sierra told Barcroft TV.”I never feel neglected.”

The happy threesome share one bed… and the responsibilities of raising three children. But you may be surprised to see what their kids have to say about the unconventional setup.

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