Mom records stepdad open gift box. What he finds inside makes him lose it on camera


We don’t get to choose whom we love, but sometimes life makes the best choices for us. Such is the case of Tyler Dukes and his stepfather, Blake Wilson.

Family is not only about blood. People who support you, love you and care for you deeply can become the most important part of your family, even if you’re not directly related. Tyler became aware of this seven years ago, when he was just a teenager.

When Tyler was 13 years old, Blake walked into his life and he is eternally grateful for it. He’s been his father ever since, and Tyler felt that it was time to make this official. He decided to give his stepdad adoption papers as a Father’s Day gift.

He gift wrapped a huge box, containing some things Blake likes. There was also a framed photo of the two of them, with a heartfelt inscription underneath, explaining how much Blake meant to his stepson.

Upon opening the box and seeing the photo, Blake was already overwhelmed with emotions. It’s not every day that you get such a thoughtful gift. But, when he turned the frame, there was an envelope attached to the back!

Blake’s eyes got teary. He already guessed what it was. He opened the envelope and saw the adoption papers. He was so touched he burst into tears, and Tyler gave him a big hug. Tyler also decided to take Blake’s last name, as another way to show how strong and wonderful their unique relationship is.


Watch the video below to see how Tyler’s amazing surprise went!