Mom’s List Of Rules For Teenage Daughter Who Lives At Home Is Taking Facebook By Storm


Were your parents strict with you while you were growing up? Parents usually swing one way or the other on the discipline spectrum. Sometimes they are very strict while others are exceedingly lenient. Strict parents may raise children who follow the rules, but they could resent the parents. Lenient parents may be their kid’s best friend, but the child ends up entitled and spoiled. One mother from Australia’s Sunshine Coast has shared her “house rules” with the internet. Because her daughter is now eighteen, the Maroochydore mother expects certain things from her. But is the list too strict? Many people on the internet believe so.
The mother, who has wished to remain anonymous, shared her long list of house rules with the internet. Here is what she expects of her daughter:


“This will be monitored and if the following is not done, and you are not happy with how WE choose to have OUR home run, then you can find somewhere else to live… (PS NO we are not kicking you out of home, this will be your choice for not following these simple rule)

“On the days you are NOT working, you will get out of bed BY 10am… get up, eat, get dressed, get a life… (go for a walk, get a hobby) NO MORE SLEEPING ALL DAY.

“On nights when Dad and I have to work the next day (Sunday-Thursday) YOU will be home by 10:30pm.

“If you choose to go out on weekends and come home after midnight, then find somewhere else to stay (not fair on us to be woken by you coming into the house all the time, late at night and early mornings).

“You WILL be home between 5pm and 630pm each night Mon – Thurs (when you are NOT working) to help prepare dinner and have dinner with the family… You WILL then wash up and take ALL the rubbish out. You can then go out with friends until 10:30pm if you choose.”
Because the rules were shared online, many young people spoke out against the mom’s attempt at disciplining her child.

“I’m an 18 year old girl I would honestly hate my parents if they spoke to me like that,” wrote one commenter on Facebook.

Mom defended her house rules by telling the Sunshine Coast Daily that these rules came after numerous other things failed to work.

“We love our daughter to bits, but since she got her (driver’s) license, she has got worse and worse,” she said.

Mom said her daughter’s behavior deteriorated after she got her license.

“There is absolutely nothing wrong with our daughter having a social life, but she needs to respect the people she lives with.”

Read through the house rules again and see if you think they are too harsh for an 18-year-old girl. She is technically an adult and could be asked to contribute rent for staying in her parents’ home. Instead, she is given a curfew and asked to take out the trash.

Is the internet overreacting about these house rules? Did you have rules for your kid?

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