Nobody Believed That A Human Body Could Be So Flexible Until They Saw This Performance!


They say it is impossible for people to be over their heads, but this Russian gymnast proves otherwise. She took part in the World Championship in rhythmic gymnastics in Montpellier, France. Daria Kondakova did extremely well; she got 29.3 points out of 30 possible. It was an incredible result! Unfortunately, the sportswoman didn’t win the competition. Nevertheless, she took second prize. Routine with a ball is one of the most challenging parts of the program. But this gymnast did an amazing performance.

She moves like a feather; it seems the girl doesn’t even touch the ground! And what she does with her ball is a real magic. She doesn’t let it fall, not for a second.

Her body definitely has no limits. Daria has a great talent. And what do you think?
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