Mom Tells Great Dane Not To Jump in Pool – His Comeback Has The Internet Bursting into Laughter


Max is a nice dog by all accounts, a Great Dane that seems to have some good love for swimming. When he walks up to the edge of the pool, He’s all set to dive in and have a good time. However, his owner seems to have a completely different opinion. She won’t let him do it!

Max isn’t happy about this new “curfew,” so he decides to push mom’s buttons. He even gets closer to the pool, almost dipping his toe in. Mom still can’ let him go in. Turns out, mom’s main concern is that Max is trying to go swimming with his clothes on. That’s not how “people” do this!

When he realizes that mom isn’t about to let it go, Max starts a verbal exchange with her. He’s complaining about her strict rules. Sadly, Max is actually deaf, so he can’t quite hear what mom is saying. But he does read her lips.

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