Monica From “Friends” Continues To Impress With Stunning Look And Stylish Outfits


Courtney Cox is the American actress, director, and producer who became famous thanks to her character, Monica Geller, in the popular TV series “Friends.” The first episode of the popular sitcom was aired on September 24, 1994, but the stars of the beloved TV series are as popular as ever. Few people know that Courtney initially auditioned for the role of Rachel. However, things went differently and the world learned about the actress through the role of fanatically pedantic Monica.

For each episode of the last two seasons of TV series the actress received $1.5 million! Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow, her colleagues in the TV series, were equally lucky! All three of them got into the “Guinness Book of Records” for the huge sums of money they received for a single episode! Many people also remember the actress from the movie “Scream,” where Courtney played the role of a journalist.
As the years go by, the beloved projects are left behind, but many of viewers still remember favorite characters from their beloved TV series. Today, 53-year-old Courtney Cox looks as stunning as ever! Scroll down and enjoy some of the elegant images of our beloved Monica!

In the picture below, the actress perfectly combined several styles in a single outfit. She is wearing a casual shirt while the bottom is obviously a cocktail dress.

An elegant outfit for a true lady.
Black and white is the eternal classic.

This beautiful dress gives her freshness and youthfulness! An excellent choice, Courtney!

Courtney’s athletic legs that delighted the audience back in 1994, when the TV series “Friends” was aired, still make her fans happy!


A stylish look that combines business and casual style.


Red is for passion, and it looks gorgeous on Courtney!


Courtney Cox is a lover of classic colors. Black and white are obviously her colors! While other celebrities strive to impress the audience with new unexpected images, Courtney is loyal to her style! At the age of 53, her body is as athletic as ever! Keep it up, Courtney!