Olympic skater glides across ice, but when music changes crowd goes crazy over ‘Irish dance’


Jason Brown is an American figure skater and Olympian. That fact alone should make your heart start to beat faster, because Olympic-class figure skaters know how to put on a show that’s hot enough to melt the ice!

Yet, sometimes they tend to repeat the same old routines because they know what works. Jason wanted to set himself apart from the crowd, and with the help of his choreographer, he came up with a brilliant way to make our jaws drop to the floor.


Let’s just say this Olympic athlete had the luck of the Irish on his side! He’s amazing!

The audience was captivated from the moment the the music started. When Jason glided across the ice and twirled in perfect unison to «Reel Around The Sun» from the infamous Riverdance show, the crowd had no idea that a stunning «ice dance» was about to come their way.


His twirling and on-ice yoga moves were incredible to watch, but it’s when he started doing an intricate tap-glide with his feet that people suddenly realized that he was channeling his inner Michael Flatley. At first, Jason thought his team was a little bit on the nutty side when his team suggested that he ice skate to an Irish tap dance.

But with some amazing choreography and the right presence, Jason pulls it off! Who knew that these moves were even possible?


But, he’s proven that, yes, you really can get jiggy on the ice, and Jason’s version is almost better than the original it was inspired from. This is truly magical to watch!

You can see the crowd wildly applauding Jason’s performance. They agree that his choreography is truly one-of-a-kind.


Check out the video below to see how Jason is breathing new life into a classic Riverdance. He’s certainly reminded us why ice skating is absolutely fabulous to watch!