Owners Notice Husky Puppy Jumping On Fridge, Then Realize He’s Using The Ice Machine


A few years ago, I was visiting a friend of mine at his house and noticed his two dogs crunching on something. I assumed they were eating cookies, but my friend told me they were actually eating ice cubes — it was their favorite treat.

So when I adopted my dog last summer, I assumed she would also love chewing on ice cubes. While she likes licking them, she’s definitely not interested in chewing them. Maybe she gets brain freeze (if that’s something that happens to dogs).

I thought maybe my friend’s dogs were the outliers — perhaps they were the strange ones and most dogs actually don’t like eating ice cubes.

But then I saw this video. Watch the clip below to see another dog who absolutely loves ice cubes.

This 5-month-old husky had always watched his humans use the ice machine in their refrigerator, then one day he decided to take matters into his own paws.

His owners watched as the pup jumped up on the fridge, trying to press buttons on the water dispenser. When he successfully got an ice cube out of the machine, he sat back down on the floor to eat it.

High on his success, the husky jumped up on the fridge to do it again. His owners thought it was ridiculously funny, so they shared this video for everyone else to see.

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