QUIZ: 97% Of People Can’t See The Colors In These Patterns. Can You?


This quiz offers you an excellent chance to test your eyes and brain’s ability to spot and recognize different colors. It uses colorful pictures of different types of patterns to check your eyesight by asking you to choose which color takes up a certain amount or percentage of the image. By the end of this you’ll know whether or not there’s an issue with your color vision and how accurate it truly may be. You can never be too sure about your eyesight and it’s always best to get it checked out asap in case you’ve developed an issue.
While many people can’t see certain colors in the quiz’s patterns, this doesn’t mean they’re color blind. There could be several factors that affect vision and the level of sharpness we view things at. Whether or not you wear glasses or contacts and how well you see to begin with, as well as age, nutrition, health issues, and other aspects come into play. Even the computer screen and resolution you view things on can affect your eyesight.

It’s important to note that if you think you’re losing your vision you should have a professional check it out, because once eyesight starts to fade it’s hard and rare to get back. Take this image pattern quiz to see how strong your color perception skills are, good luck!

97% Of People Can’t See The Colors In These Patterns