There Is A Lone Lego Dog Hidden Among The Pandas. Can You Spot Him?


Many of us grew up playing with Legos. From building Lego cities as a child, to the recent Lego Movie, Legos were  and continue to be  a source of joy for people around the world.

But now Lego has presented the world with an amazing new challenge: to find their hidden Duplo Dog among a sea of panda bears.

Recently, illustrators around the world have been challenging people to find everything from pandas to adorable pugs. And Lego has now gotten in on the action as well.

Posting this visual challenge on their Instagram account, they wrote, “We managed to find all the pandas! But can you find our #LEGODUPLO dog?”

Scroll through below to see how you do at finding the hidden dog. And don’t worry if you can’t find him right away  it definitely took me a minute!

And, of course, be sure to let us know how you did in the comments.

Many Lego-lovers will recognize the adorable Duplo Dog. But how will you do at spotting him among a bunch of similarly colored pandas?51

Can you spot the Duplo Dog hidden among the pandas? He’s definitely in there.

If you don’t have any luck, click below to see the answer!

Eps 10 Vector Illustration of a Dotted Down Arrow in Perspective


Were you able to find the dog right away?

Keep scrolling to see if you can find the panda among the snowmen in the picture that started this amazing trend!


Eps 10 Vector Illustration of a Dotted Down Arrow in Perspective

This brilliant illustration is responsible for the “find the hidden character” trend that has been all the rage on social media. How quickly are you able to find the panda among the snowmen?


How fast were you able to find the hidden panda?