Road rage driver filmed punching woman in face


An enraged driver has been caught on dashcam getting out of his car and punching a woman in the face.

The man who filmed the encounter at Lake Munmorah on the NSW Central Coast, said the woman had tossed several items out of her window at the man’s ute.

“I don’t care what your reason, it is not ok to hit a woman,» Dwayne Pillidge wrote on his dashcam post.

Stopped by a red light, the pair can be seen hopping out of their respective cars, with the man approaching the woman.

Not expecting to be assaulted, the woman can be seen standing her ground. Source: Facebook

Wasting no time, the man lays one brutal blow before walking away. Source: Facebook

The shocked woman can be seen leaning against her car, clutching at her face. Source: Facebook
Standing in front of her door, the woman folds her arms, unaware she was about to be struck.

As her attacker makes his way back to his vehicle, she jumps into her car and slams it into reverse, scaring him to the side of the road.

Police were not alerted to the incident but are reviewing the video to identify those involved.

«Inquiries are now underway into a suspected road rage-related assault on the Central Coast,» NSW Police said in a statement.