Six great reasons to put a salt lamp in your bedroom. No. 4 really convinced me.


Most people know that salt can be very harmful to our health unless we consume it in moderation. But did you know that we may also be able to reap health benefits from salt — by using a salt lamp?
This has to do with the fact that everything in our environment gives off positive and negative ions. Positive ions come from technical devices such as cell phones, computers, and televisions. In nature, they don’t occur in these concentrations so our bodies aren’t used to them, which can lead to health problems. When our bodies are exposed to positive ions for longer periods, they can even cause severe stress and lead to anxiety disorders, physical discomfort, and panic attacks.

It’s a good idea to take long breaks from technical devices, though in reality many people can’t… or won’t. But there could be a simple and affordable alternative: salt lamps. Many people report the benefits they’ve experienced with these lamps. Incorporating some of these interesting lights into your daily life could help reduce stress and improve your health too.

Read on to find out what they’re claiming…

1. Purifying the air

Salt lamp manufacturers claim that they emit high concentrations of negatively charged ions that can actually kill bacteria. This means they would remove toxins and make the air cleaner to breathe.

2. Fighting diseases

The electro-smog that surrounds us every day is a heavy burden on our immune systems. It can increase blood pressure and an increasing number of studies suggest that it leads to various types of cancer. Salt lamps supposedly counteract this dangerous radiation. Some people have even claimed that salt lamps helped cure their chronic headaches.

3. Counteracting positively charged ions

As already mentioned, we are bombarded with positively charged ions every day. Salt lamps may work against this because they apparently emit «good» radiation that allegedly weakens the negative effects of these positively charged ions.

4. Helping you feel healthier and more balanced

In addition to possibly killing bacteria and eliminating positively charged ions, salt lamps also supposedly contain up to 84 different minerals that can increase your feeling of wellness. The net effect: you simply feel better!

5. Giving you energy

Negatively charged ions don’t just improve your mood, they also help to improve blood flow to the brain. This makes you feel more awake and helps you to concentrate so that you can react better to your environment. And a healthy mind has a positive effect on the body which can make your everyday life much easier.

6. Helping you sleep better

If you put a salt lamp in your bedroom, the minerals and negatively charged ions could help you fall asleep faster and achieve a deeper, more restful sleep. After using it regularly, check out whether you have more energy during the day!

Anyone who’s been lucky enough to escape all of the technical hustle and bustle of modern life for a few days knows the feeling of relaxation: now you might be able to enjoy it every day at home. Try it out. Every trick to reduce stress in our lives is worth a test — after all, we all want to feel more balanced, rested, and healthy!