Soldier Is Nervous, He Is Waiting For His Friend At The Airport… Such A Moving Reunion!


A yellow Labrador puppy named Taylor aka “Tay-Tay” has served her country in not one, but two military deployments in Afghanistan. She protected her fellow soldiers so well that the Taliban offered a reward for her head.

Sergeant Tom Hanson was always at her side, they were protecting each other. “Tay-Tay” specialized in sniffing and pointing out the positions of buried mines.

Thanks to her privileged nose and extraordinary training, her military unit was able to unearth and deactivate a large number of explosives that the Taliban had buried to kill the Americans. Fortunately, Taylor has recently retired from military service, and, as with other retired military dogs, she was put up for adoption. In some cases, they give soldiers a preference because of what they have been through together with an animal.

But, adoption of military dogs is not easy at all. The transfer of these dogs is very expensive, and this is where this activist enters: Molly Oliver, a stewardess who is responsible for moving those dogs, paying the expenses from her own bag.

Watch the video and get yourself for a Tay-Tay’s meeting with Sergeant Hanson after 2 years of being apart.